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SEC Technologies is a leading European developer of cyber security solutions and has developed numerous solutions. SEC Technologies is headquartered in Berlin. The development of all of its solutions is done in Germany and Austria.

SEC Technologies' products and solutions have their roots from its sister company SEC Consult, which is one of the leading independent Cyber Security Consultant. IoT Inspector is a branch of the company.

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Interviewee: Rainer M. Richter, Director Channels & Alliances, SEC Technologies – IoT Inspector

What’s your view on the Taiwan market?

With IoT Inspector we provide a service for detection of vulnerabilities and compliance checking of firmware of IoT devices Taiwan, with its huge number of vendors, is an attractive market for us. We strongly believe that most of these vendors want to improve the quality of their firmware to avoid damage on their brand. Especially our built-in compliance checker can help them to provide security as a competitive advantage.

But also telcos and service providers as well as corporate customers are of interest for us, as we believe that it is in their own interest, to close the meanwhile largest attack vector into networks – the unknown vulnerabilities of IoT firmware.

What solutions does IoT Inspector offer the market?

IoT Inspector is a leading platform for automated security analysis and compliance checking of IoT firmware. IoT Inspector provides a simple way to examine the IoT device’s firmware without requiring access to source code or network or physical access to the IoT device. Simply upload the firmware to the IoT Inspector service platform, start the analysis and a few minutes later the results will be available. Beside detecting vulnerabilities, IoT Inspector can also check the level of compliance of a firmware against international IoT Security standards, such as ETSI TS103 645, ENISA Baseline Security Recommendations for IoT and OWASP IoT Top10.

Our newest feature, the IoT Inspector Monitoring Service, analyses a dedicated firmware for newly discovered vulnerabilities on a daily basis. If it detects one, an alert message is sent automatically.

Where/how do you see your products and solutions being applied here in Taiwan?

IoT Inspector runs as a service over the internet and should be used as a quality gateway for vendors of IoT devices, telcos, service providers and corporate customers.

Who are your target customers in Asia?

We have 4 target groups of audience:

1.      Vendors of IoT devices who want to raise the quality of their IoT firmware, to avoid shipping products with vulnerabilities and be able to confirm its compliance with international IoT security standards.

2.      Telcos and service providers, who want to know the risks of IoT devices installed in their infrastructure or being used as customer premises equipment.

3.      Enterprise and SMB customers who want to close the meanwhile largest attack vector into corporate networks, the unknown vulnerabilities of IoT firmware.

4.      Local channel partners, resellers and consultants who want to use IoT Inspector to provide firmware security analyses and compliance checking to their customers.


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