Asia's regional platform for intelligent fire safety and disaster prevention

Converging IoT, Big data and cloud computing technologies, Fire & Safety 2023 will feature comprehensive products and solutions for the disaster prevention & rescue, fire safety and industrial safety and personal safety sectors.

Focused solutions

Factory protection physically and virtually

Commercial Security

Products and solution showcase:

  • Instrument testing equipment
  • Person protective equipment
  • Safety and management plant / industrial park intelligent perimeter protection
  • Plant disaster prevention (earthquake / fire explosion)

Protecting medical institutions


Products and solution showcase

  • Emergency notification systems
  • Waterway sprinklers
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Evacuation equipment
  • Ventilation and smoke exhaust
  • Fireproofing materials

Architectural and technology design for fire safety in medical infrastructure including nursing homes/elderly and hospitals.

Disaster prevention and mitigation

Mobility Asia

Taiwan is no stranger to natural disaster and extreme weather conditions. Heavy rains, typhoon, flooding and earthquakes are common features of the island. Fire and safety is the only show of its kind in Taiwan that deals with disaster prevention and resiliency. The show is supported by relevant government units and brings representatives from Disaster Management Society of Taiwan, Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society, Taiwan Group on Earth Observation, and Office of Disaster Management Executive Yuan just to name a few.

Products and solutions:

  • Forecast/warning equipment
  • Disaster relief materials and disaster recovery and reconstruction equipment
  • Rescue disaster site technology and equipment
  • Emergency communications and video equipment
  • Personal protection and hygiene equipment

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