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ATrack Technology

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Specializing in GPS telematics hardware design and manufacturing, ATrack Technology offers a complete product portfolio for cars, trucks, containers and non-powered assets, trailers, and motorcycles. In addition to offering a line of stable and robust hardware, ATrack is experienced in firmware, hardware modifications and customized product developments.

Focused on the global market, especially North America and Japan, ATrack is proving itself to be a good choice for system integrators, telematics service providers who are looking for a reliable hardware partners and values vendor responsiveness and flexibility.

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What is your view on the fleet management market? What are the current trends and challenges to implementation?

GPS-based telematics and tracking is not a new trend for fleet management. However, it is constantly developing as new technologies are being added along the way. We see technologies such as video telematics, ADAS and pre-maintenance alerts, etc., playing important roles in next-generation solutions. Telematics and tracking solutions will become more and more accurate, allowing for more applications to be used.

Nowadays, telematics can generate massive amounts of data, including driver activities and its operations. This makes these solutions extremely valuable to an organization for lowering maintenance costs, increasing productivity and safety, and minimizing operating risks. 

However, a big portion of these data may be confidential – on a personal or enterprise level. Therefore, telematics data security will become a challenge. It’s essential for these solutions to protect these valuable data and this requires a comprehensive and proactive approach to create a secure environment across the organization.

Why should the market consider Taiwan brands as alternatives to current mainstream brands? What sets your company apart from others?

With a population of 23 million people and strategic location in Southeast Asia, Taiwan has grown to be the 6th largest economy in Asia and the 10th in terms of innovation. It has also become one of the world’s great technological giants.

We are a Taiwan-based technology company in the smart fleet and asset management market place. ATrack’s strength lies in its strong R&D team – our core team has over 20 years of industry experience. Our experience, knowledge, and expertise contribute to shorter development cycles and more frequent product releases.

Moreover, ATrack supports project-based business, because one size does not fit all in the telematics industry. While our existing products can meet common requirements in the market, there are always projects that require specialized features. We are particularly successful at working with our customers to understand each specific project and provide flexible and customized hardware solutions to help them win deals.

These partnerships are fundamental to our business at ATrack. We pride ourselves on being a great partner to our customers, and seek out partnerships that are beneficial to the collaborators and us. Overall, our strong R&D, customized solutions and win-win strategy are the keys that set ATrack apart from the others in this dynamic market.

What products/solutions are you offering the market?

We are excited to introduce our video intelligence and cold chain solution. The new video intelligence solution can improve driving safety and add value to the fleet management. Additionally, the cold chain solution can be used to monitor the status of temperature-sensitive products throughout the whole delivery process. The solution will not only provide real-time parcel status, but also feedback on the surrounding environment using a variety of different sensors.

Who would be your target audience at Secutech?

Secutech is one of Asia’s longest running security shows. Over the years, Secutech has shifted its focus from showing single products to showcasing solutions for growing vertical markets. With its wide geographic reach and good reputation for quality, we believe that Secutech is a perfect place to showcase our video intelligence solution, cold chain solution, IoT solution and a range of advanced 4G LTE telematics devices. We look forward to meeting and facilitating business partnerships with a large number of international visitors from Asia-Pacific countries. 



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