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8 – 10 May 2019, Taipei

Security + AI to rapidly expand your ecosystem with diverse business partners

Who you partner with determines the future of your business. Gathering leading brands to showcase security and AI innovations such as feasible business models, commercialized solutions, tangible applications and case studies, Secutech will help you quickly build new partner networks, and make your business thrive in the growing vertical markets.

Endless video surveillance applications
Are you looking for the right business partners to grow your ecosystem and maximize profits? Secutech is partnering with Network Optix to bring you endless video surveillance possibilities and turning the impossible into the possible.

Smarter, faster and more accurate video analytics

As the industry is transitioning from a hardware to a solution centric business, the key to create product differentiation is software. Secutech will showcase an array of AI integrated video analytics solutions for smarter surveillance

Key technologies that empower AI

When AI converges with IoT to create unimaginable applications in vertical markets, you must keep up with the latest trends in GPU, storage, wireless transmission technologies and find the right partners to boost business growth.

Facial recognition applications are limitless

Facial recognition is quickly expanding its applications outside of the security sector into retail, banking, automotive and more. Boost your business with this technology along with other biometrics technologies such as iris, fingerprint and voice.

Cybersecurity matters

When surveillance cameras and storage devices become IoT devices, a little break-in can result in a large scale damage. It’s time to to build stronger cybersecurity defense mechanism and develop more secured products as they are critical to your business. 

Integrated solutions for IoT applications

Integrated solutions are the missing pieces in your business puzzle.  Secutech will be inviting start-ups to show you eye opening integrated solutions for surveillance in agriculture, fishery, environmental monitoring and more. 

Take home the most in-demand solutions in the growing vertical markets

Safe city, intelligent transportation, smart street lighting, smart retail, smart factory, smart living and smart disaster prevention 

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