22-24 April 2020 Taipei, Taiwan More info

Vertical Solutions

Seven smart solutions pavilions uncover business arising from the technologial convergence


Smart Factory

Featuring video-based solutions for improving factory safety and automation management

Dediated to factory automation and industrial safety, the Smart Factory Pavilion will feature video-based solutions for smarter and safer manufacturing: 

Staff management

  •  Identification & access control

Production management

  • Machine vision & automation

Warehouse management

Security management

  • Surveillance monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart patrol system
  • Energy monitoring system
  • Industrial safety & disaster prevention
  • Big data analytics 


Intelligent Transportation

Highlighting hardware and software solutions for better transportation systems

The Intelligent Transportation Pavilion will feature a comprehensive solution to improve public transportation

Smart Transportation

Smart rail management

  • Communication system    

Traffic control


  • In-vehicle communications
  • Safety management

Commercial vehicle management

  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Logistics management 

Smart Parking

Automatic License Plate Recognition System

Parking guidance & cloud platform

  • Smart parking app

Car-searching system

Parking lot management

Smart payment

  • Electronic payment 

Smart Living


Smart Healthcare

Healthcare system

  • Long distance caregiving
  • Health app and wearables

Bed monitoring system & bed alarm

Surveillance and facial recognition applications

Smart Hotel

  • Automated control system
  • Multifunctional access control system
  • Intelligent video analytics and safety management
  • Building automation and graphic control platform
  • Smart hotel management system
  • Staff-less counter and robot staff

Smart Community

Smart property management

Including surveillance systems, access control, smart purchasing, elevator management, security patrol and remote meter reading.

Community e-commerce services       

Smart home