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25 – 27 April 2018, Taipei

Empower your business with enhanced smart surveillance, identity technology and new strategic partners

Take your business to the next level by connecting with new strategic partners, repositioning your products and services and creating product differentiation within three areas of focus: Intelligent surveillance, smart identity and IoT sensor & video

Revolutionize the security industry with IoT technologies

Secutech 2018 will focus on the game-changing technologies that redefine the conventional security products and bring together the security and IoT ecosystems. These particular technologies will enable industry professionals to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments

CompoSec: key components
Gear up with the critical components! CompoSec will showcase the latest chip technologies in the fields of IVA, VR/AR, AI, automotive, transmission and more.

Innovative software: AI, IVA, edge computing & big data

Software rules the security industry. The Software Innovation Zone is featuring 2D/3D image recognition, facial recognition, license plate recognition, deep learning, machine vision and other powerful solutions.

ICT transmission & LPWAN
What’s the most essential element in the world of IoT? Connectivity! Check out LPWAN, cellular network, enterprise multi-node wireless network, Zigbee, Z-wave, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies that facilitate security and IoT applications.

IoT & physical cybersecurity
Don’t let your device become an unwitting accomplice of a cyber-attack! Find out how to create a strong defense mechanism for cybersecurity, and develop more secured products for IoT devices and IP-based security system.

Expand your business at Intelligent Solutions Pavilions

Secutech 2018 will focus on four key verticals which integrate video analytics, identity management, security, sensors and wireless technologies.